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My name is Larry Luttrell and I have been involved in addiction treatment of drug abuse, alcoholism and Contact us if you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.chemical dependency for sixteen years. Over the course of my tenure, I have observed the trend in alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers. Other drug treatment centers focus on short-term drug abuse treatment; usually 28 to 30 days. These short term detox programs don't offer follow-up addiction treatment care and have not been successful to the recovering addict over long periods of time. Sadly, clients relapse from addiction recovery at an alarming rate. Alcoholism and drug addiction are lifelong, fatal diseases that require long-term addiction recovery treatment focusing on behavioral and lifestyle changes to break the cycle of drug abuse and alcoholism.

At The Discovery Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Los Angeles, we have created a comprehensive substance abuse program in which a patient begins recovery in detox. After leaving the Discovery Program, we encourage our clients to seek residence in a sober living home. Our goal is to teach women in recovery and men in recovery to remain involved in 12 step addiction recovery for the rest of their lives.

The Discovery Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Los Angeles, we emphasize the importance of family involvement in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. In addition to our weekly family group sessions, our licensed family therapist provides individual sessions for parents, spouses and other loved ones as part of our overall addiction treatment program.
Our commitment to long-term involvement in the lives of our patients and their families in addiction treatment is unparalleled in the field of drug treatment and alcoholism. An overwhelming majority of those who have completed our long-term drug rehab treatment program are still clean and sober today.

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