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  Century City, CA

Please review our 12 step 30-day program, 12 step 60-day program and, or 12 step 90-day program. Or, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Also, click here to learn more about affordable sober living solutions.

The Discovery Program is a licensed residential addiction treatment program with medically supervised detox services for women seeking recovery and men seeking recovery from prescription drug addiction, drug addiction and alcohol abuse. The Discovery drug rehab Program is located in the Century City area of West Los Angeles. We are recognized nationally for our work in chemical detox,recovery,rehab,residential treatment centerdependency and addiction treatment from drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

The Discovery Drug Rehab Program’s goal is to help men and women recover from drug abuse by addressing the underlying issues that contribute to drug addiction and alcoholism.

"I'd been through other drug rehab programs," says Mark K., a graduate of the Discovery Drug Rehab Program. "The Discovery Program put me in a position where I was forced to look at my addiction behavior instead of my drug use. It remains a turning point in my recovery."

detox,recovery,rehab,residential treatment centerThe Discovery Drug Rehab Program is staffed with a team of drug abuse, and alcohol abuse expert professionals in addiction recovery. The Discovery Program provides an addiction treatment environment in a sober living home setting that treats each and every client with respect and dignity. Personalized and individual addiction treatment care is provided with compassion, professionalism, and the utmost respect for confidentiality.

The Discovery Program is a structured drug rehabilitation program that stresses the importance of long term exposure to addiction recovery activities such as 12 step, sponsorship and fellowship.

The Discovery Drug Rehab Program facility is located in an upscale Westside, California neighborhood one block from the Century City Mall between Beverly Hills and Westwood, California. 

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